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May 20 2013


The Perfect Selection of Zebra Labels for your necessities

There are numerous types of Zebra labels available, and there is unlimited availability of custom labels. This type of labels has more than nine thousand dies for various shapes and sizes of labels. You can easily combine them with various substances and adhesive agent.

It can be a really hard job to find out the right one according to your requirements. The decision you need to make is whether you should select ‘Thermal Transfer’ printing which is associated with a ribbon, or ‘Direct Thermal’ printing where the image is burnt by using labels which are sensitive to heat.

The Direct thermal labels are mainly used within the office environment and they are durable for a moderate period of time, whereas Thermal Transfer uses various types of substances and can be utilized both inside and outside the office environment and are durable from moderate to long period of time.

You can choose any of these technologies as you also require the specific Zebra Label printer for any of these technologies. You also have to decide the material which you will be using.

Paper is the cheapest medium for to print in various types of cases, and you can select between Z-perform range where data is printed on smooth and bright paper of white color which maintains a perfect balance between cost and utility, or the Z-Select type of Zebra Labels where the data is printed on bright paper of white color, which has a very smooth coating and also delivers best quality images.

The synthetic materials are more long lasting as they are resistant to chemicals, moisture and abrasion and you can select any of the following types:

The Z-Supreme types are Polyimide face stock are made for high temperature surroundings with temperature of almost 500 degree Fahrenheit. It is generally suggested for labeling of printed circuit boards (PCB).   
The Z-Ultimate types are made of gloss polyester which delivers excellent print quality, unique smear and resistance to scratches, and can be used comfortably for external purpose for almost three years.

The Z-extreme type is made of Matte Polyester which also provides tremendous print quality, and is also resistant to different types of chemicals, and can also be used for almost three years outside the office environment.
Polypro type is made of Matte polypropylene which is very flexible for labeling those materials which has curved surfaces, and can also be used externally for couple of years.

Poly-O is a corona treated polyolefin which is highly flexible for labeling materials with rough or curved coatings, and is not suitable for more than six months of external use. These labels come along with different types of adhesives. In case you are not getting what exactly you are looking for, you can get according to your requirements.

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